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A trust is a fiduciary relationship in which the property owner (the “trustor”) gives another party (the “trustee”) the right to hold the title to the property or assets and to administer, manage, or dispose of the property or assets under the Trust Deed for the benefit of a third party, the beneficiary.

After years of effort, the Trust Act and the Trust Enterprise Act were enacted and promulgated in 1996 and 2000, respectively, in Taiwan. BEA's Taipei Branch obtained approval from the Financial Supervisory Commission in January 2011 to offer trust services to its customers. Our experienced trust professionals are committed to providing you with quality trust and custodian services, helping you achieve your financial, estate, and succession planning objectives and preserve your family wealth for generations to come.

Scope of Services

  • Real Estate Trust
  • Trust of Money
  • Custodian Services

Taipei Branch

       For trust service, please contact:
       Ms. Cheng
       Enquiry Hotline: (886 2) 8161-2890
       Facsimile: (886 2) 8773-8816